LIGHTHOUSE – Youth Bible Study Tuesdays at 6:30 PM (Resumes in the fall)

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Redwater Alliance Church Youth Group, known as LIGHTHOUSE, welcomes kids and young people from grade 6 – 12 or kids who fit into that age group.

There is a Bible study every Tuesday evening from 6:30 at the church.  This study is geared to your age group where you learn more about who God is and how He fits into your life.

For the next few months we are focusing on a series called “Questions of the Faith”.  This series explores different topics about Christianity.  Who is Jesus, what is Baptism, what is a missionary are some examples of the questions we are exploring.

Periodically there is a fun event on Friday evening.

You can email David:

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When youth group resumes in the fall be looking for exciting things to happen.

The youth are sponsoring a child, Muniko, through Compassion Canada.   Remember to bring your contributions with you to youth group each week.

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